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Take a Journey To Thailand to try Halal Thai Food

Think you know Thailand? Although the majority of the population are Buddhists, there is roughly four percent of the population who are Muslim. You can find most Thai...

Sustainability, Permaculture and Organic in Bali

Ever wonder where your organic food products are grown or made, distributed or sold? Stephanie Brookes looks into the local farming practices and organic trade in Bali....

Two Indonesian National Parks Given ASEAN Heritage Status

Two of Indonesia’s national parks, Kepulauan Seribu National Park (KSNP) and Wakatobi National Park (WNP), are set to be recognized as highly protected areas of...

History in the Making: Meet Michael Nicholson

Michael is an HR Consultant and Executive Coach, and founded the BritCham Toastmasters Club in Jakarta when he was on the Board of BritCham in 2004. In the same year, he...

A Language Education Mess

A Language Education Mess

Schools across the country are preparing for a huge shift; beginning this next term, English will no longer be a required subject in Government primary schools. The...

Istana Bogor

Where are all the Country Houses?

When it comes to ostentatious shows of wealth, no one does it better than the Europeans. Backed by generations of inherited riches, the elites of England, France and...

Plunder Vs Ethics for Shipwrecked Treasure

Ancient shipwrecks on Indonesia’s sea floors have become just another resource to be plundered – often resulting in the loss of archaeological evidence that could...

Museum Fatahillah

Indonesian Heritage Society

Located on the 17th floor of Sentral Senayan 1, a square office tower next to the Sogo side of Plaza Senayan, this rather dull and uninteresting building does not do...






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