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Hoax Or Higher Power? Sulawesi’s ‘Miracle’ Baby

The small town of Karuen in Enrekang district, South Sulawesi, has been divided this week over the apparent miracle virgin birth of a child to a 19-year-old teenager....

Kaki Lima - street vendors in Jakarta

Not So Tasty Meatballs Shut Down Party After Poisoning Kids

A spate of vomiting an dizzines ended a community party in Suberingin village, South Sumatra, on Monday, May 15, with 13 children suffering food poison after allegedly...


What Vaccines Should Have Your Extra Attention in Indonesia? (Advertorial)

Most people who come to work and live in Indonesia are advised to have a set of vaccinations on top of the childhood immunizations. The majority of the vaccines will...


Jakarta’s Pollution May Lead To Low Quality Sperm

Pollution in Jakarta makes the air ‘unhealthy’. Some expert believe it will have an effect on men’s health, potentially leading to low quality sperm.


Dengue Vaccines. What Is the Situation in Indonesia? (Advertorial)

There is a need for effective preventive interventions against dengue, a disease caused by four viruses, spread by mosquitos. Dengue is very common in Indonesia,...


Five Things Expats Need to Consider About Healthcare in Indonesia

Here are a few important things you need to know about healthcare in Indonesia before arriving in the archipelago.

Webtorial - Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder: A Misunderstood Form of ADD/ADHD in Children

5-15% of schooling children have difficulties in their sensory regulation to their environment. This means that some children may have more difficulties than others in...


Traffic Accidents Still Main Cause of Death and Health Problems

A toll road crash in recent weeks demonstrated the lack of discipline of some drivers in Indonesia, as a growing number of traffic accidents have been reported in recent...


Breaking the Stigma on Mental Illness in Indonesia

The Get Happy Campaign aims to eliminate the stigma and encourage awareness on the country’s mental health problems.


Sporting Event Tough Mudder Launches in Indonesia

One of the world’s most recognized endurance series, Tough Mudder, is coming to Indonesia in October 2016. Founded in the US in 2010, Tough Mudder is a 16-20 km...

Brenda hi res

Real Food by Real People: Meet Brenda Ritchmond

Brenda is the woman responsible for Bali Buda health food shops and restaurants, and is also a practising midwife. She talks to us about health, organic food, and the...

Entrance to YUM Kalimantan Village

Yayasan Usaha Mulia Helps to Lift Indonesians above the Poverty Line

Quality of life is an issue in Indonesia for those living below the poverty line. Although some believe that the country has much improved since gaining independence,...

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What’s Up, Doc?

Bapaks in white coats continue to put the fear of God up Indonesia’s expats. “Doctor, Doctor, I’m at death’s door!” “Don’t worry,...

Photo Courtesy of Re.juve

Promoting Healthier and Happier Days with Re.juve

Colourful Re.juve juice bars are popping up all over the capital, introducing healthy cold-pressed juices with no added sugar to the local market – and customers are...

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