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EcoRegions Indonesia

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aims to promote global conservation in spatially defined areas called eco regions. An eco-region is defined by WWF as a “large area of...

Living Greener in Indonesia

Sometimes I think that the only way I can live as an environmentally-conscious member of society is to hide away under a rock and reject the advances of modern...

Holding in Bali’s Guts with Mechanized Composting

Meet Rob and Olly of Bali Compost Crafters, two guys responsible for a project that has brought mechanized composting techniques to Bali for sustainable green waste...

Nusantara Fabrics Leading the Way on Recycled Polyester

In a city overflowing with waste and drowning in consumerism, recycling and sustainability take a backseat to the rapid development, as anyone who’s passed by a pile...

Meet Jason Will

Meet Jason Will, the eco-friendly businessman. Jason is keen on lending a helping hand to relieve social and environmental issues through numerous CSR projects with his...

Ahmad Setiawan - Ex-Street Kid Turned Environmentalist

Ahmad Setiawan: Ex-Street Kid Turned Environmentalist

When 20-year-old Andreas Ahmad Setiawan lost his entire family in the 2004 tsunami, he didn't know where to turn. He felt alone. He felt scared. He ended up on the...






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