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Rinjani's campsites are covered in litter. Credit Harry Vasiliadis

Trash-Tinted Goggles: Mountains of Garbage Overshadow Indonesia’s Ambitious Tourism Plans

A sprawling archipelago of white sandy beaches, towering active volcanoes, seas abundant with marine life, rich rainforests, and dozens of ethnic cultures, it’s easy...

The Beautiful View of Mount Rinjani

Sons of Sembalun: Guardians of Mount Rinjani

Standing stately at 3,726 metres above sea level, Rinjani crowns the skies of Lombok with vast plains of sun-kissed savannahs, pine forests, and volcanic alpine...

Jakarta's 2013 floods. Photo courtesy of abc.net.au

The Big Drink

It was breaking point for Jakarta. Days of torrential rain and years of incompetent urban planning were about to exact a terrible toll upon the city. Daniel Pope recalls...

The Citarum River courtesy of Avax News

Touristic Escapes in the Dirtiest River in the World

When it comes to visiting Jakarta, we only can be sure that we will find a city of contrasts and a lot of garbage, including in the rivers. But you probably don’t know...

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