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The Influence of Javanese Music on Early Jazz

“Jazz has borrowed from other genres of music and also has lent itself to other genres of music.” – Herbie Hancock Previously I wrote about the arrival...


The Gamelan Group: All Nationalities, Ages and Motives Welcome

As Pak Parno threads his way through the gamelan, he claps his hands to guide the tempo and calls out to beginners who have lost their place in the music. Eyes focus on...

Tamara Fielding: Wayang Puppeteer

Tamara Fielding was born in 1934 in Cimahi, West Java, in the Dutch East Indies to a Dutch father and a mixed Indonesian and European mother. She grew up in a large...

Michael Tenzer

I must admit the first time I came across a gamelan orchestra I thought the band that had been booked had pulled out and someone had raided the kitchen, grabbing all the...

Vaughan Hatch: Mekar Bhuana Conservatory

In 2008, Vaughan Hatch earned a diploma in publishing and editing from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies.Vaughan originally came to Bali in 1997 on an...






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