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Indonesia Looking to Halve Forest Fires in Ambitious New Plan

Indonesia plans to reduce by almost half the number of fire hotspots in the country by 2019 as part of an effort to tackle the longstanding problem, the government has...

Peatlands in Indonesia

Eco-Groups to Paper Mill: Stop Draining Peatlands

Various Indonesian and international eco-groups want one of the biggest paper mills in the world to stop draining peatlands.

What Has 2016 Meant for Indonesia and Climate Change?

2015 was a devastating year for global greenhouse gas emissions, with Indonesia ranking fourth on the list of top emitters after vast forest fires released 1.62 billion...

Greenpeace Indonesia Launches App to Fight Forest Fires

Forest fires have been an annual issue in Indonesia for almost two decades, with the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra hit particularly hard. According to reports cited...


Indonesia Fights More Fires, Singapore Gets Haze

Like clockwork, as Indonesia fights more fires in Sumatra, neighboring Singapore and Malaysia grow concerned about another possible haze crisis.

Indonesia to Ban New Palm Oil Plantations to Stop Forest Fires

Indonesia is moving to ban new palm oil operations in the aftermath of massive forest fires in the country last year, partly caused by the industry’s expansion. But...

Playing for Rain

What to do when the country is suffering its worst drought in five years and the Government yet again fails to stop the illegal burning of forests? In one village,...