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Football Foreign Players without KITAS

Foreign Football Players Participate in Liga 1 Match without KITAS

Sports officials are outraged due to a violation by PT Liga Indonesia Baru, which allowed foreign players to participate in Liga 1 without KITAS permits.


Sporting a Change

The “sport for development” sector is comprised of initiatives that address a wide range of social issues. In Indonesia, the football community Uni Papua serves to...


Can Indonesian Football Fans Boost this UK City’s Economy?

British football is a phenomenon in Indonesia as millions of people across the archipelago have built fan clubs to demonstrate their love for the sport. UK Ambassador to...


The 2016 UEFA European Championship

Roga takes a look at predictions for the winning team and the top-scorer of the upcoming Euro 2016. The 2016 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) is held every four...


Indonesia’s Oldest Football Club: Persatuan Sepak Bola Makassar

This year Birmingham City celebrates their 140th anniversary as a professional football club. It hasn’t been much of a history with a second-tier playoff success, a...

Persipura ACL 2010

Persipura Jayapura’s Long Road to Success

The Black Pearls overcome long flights and tiring transit times to become the best football club in the land. For cash-starved Indonesian football clubs, the Mandala...


Young Guns Cut their Teeth in the Jakarta Schools Football League

It was hot, very hot. Hardly the best conditions for playing football anywhere, let alone a school in South Jakarta offering little in the way of natural protection from...

BuGils FC

BuGils FC Soccer Sixes

Inspired by the FC Knudde Sixes tournament that ceased to exist many years ago, the friendly family titled BuGils FC found that Jakarta had been without a yearly...

Garuda VS Oranje

Paint the Town Orange

Indonesia vs. Netherlands International friendly, June 7th, 2013 As best as I can make out, the last time Indonesia hosted a European national team was back in December...

Bradford Supporters

I’m Addickted

No, that isn’t a spelling error, but you’ll have to read on to find out why. I first started wearing glasses when I was seven years old pupil at Charlton...

Sport IT

Sports I.T.

IT development never stops and has found its way into sports, to make our life, during our games, easier and perhaps even better. How cool is this? A soccer shoe with a...

Coach Neil Prendergast gives encouragement during half time

Score! Girls Join Jakarta Football Association

The sound of the referee’s whistle pierces the humid afternoon. Players bolt into action vying for the soccer ball. There is a solid thud as a player’s cleat makes...


Arema Three Muskateers

It’s not just oil and gas, English teachers and missionary types who like to call Indonesia home. Despite all the problems that plague football in this country, until...

Gordon Boyd

Gordon Boyd

Hello Gordon Boyd! The Scotsman with an American accent who plays football and surfs religiously.   That’s a very Scottish name you have? Yup, I’m originally...

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