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Phony Document & Sweepstakes Hustles

Imagine finding a cheque for US$350,000, or picking up a winning sweepstakes ticket on the street. Too good to be true? Yes, it’s an all-too-common scam in Indonesia....

Government Blocks Unreliable News Portals, Sets Up Cyber Agency

Samuel A. Pangerapan, director general for the Ministry of Applications and Information, told reporters that news portals with non-credible sources and information,...


Physicians? Heal Thyself

From pointless prescriptions to counterfeit medicines, the treatment of illnesses in Indonesia can be a minefield. A few weeks ago, I was involved in a traffic accident...

Faking It on the Phone

Faking It on the Phone

A slow-witted colleague came to me with a request for help last week. He had telephoned a sex chat line “just to see what it was like” and ended up with a big phone...

Faking It

Advances in computer technology and printing are making it easier to forge money. One of the hardest details to fake on current Indonesian currency is the ‘patch’...






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