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Teenager Receives 18 Months’ Jail Sentence for Insulting President Jokowi

The Medan District Court in North Sumatera has sentenced a teenager to 18 months in jail for making defamatory comments about President Joko Widodo online. The...

Government Launches Cybersecurity Agency to Fight Fake News

As part of an attempt to fight the rampant production and spread of false news in Indonesia, the government has launched a new cybersecurity agency, which will focus on...

Fixing the Fake News and Hoaxes

Fake news, it’s a well-known refrain around the world. From the US president’s blaming unfavourable coverage as fake news to Germany establishing media monitors...

The Rise and Danger of Fake News

Fake news, a symptom of lazy journalism and deliberate mischief-making, is everywhere. Consequences can be fatal. Many moons ago, “fake news” used to be the domain...


Facebook Reps to Discuss Fake News in Indonesia Visit

Representatives of the social network giant Facebook are scheduled to meet Indonesia’s Minister of the Communications and Information Ministry, Rudiantara, to discuss...

Indonesia Launches Anti-Hoax Campaign to Battle Fake News

In an attempt to stop the rampant circulation of hoaxes on the Internet and several social media platforms, an anti-hoax campaign was kicked off across six cities in...


Indonesia Blocks 800,000 Sites in 2016

The Indonesian government tightens its grip on the Internet as it blocked 800,000 websites in 2016.

Fake News Indonesia

Fake News Now a Security Priority in Indonesia

The flood of fake news in Indonesia is severe enough to make it a top security priority in 2017, along with terrorism.