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Expatriates detained

Expatriates Detained Over Immigration Violations, Disorderly Conduct

The North Jakarta Immigration Office raided on Tuesday an apartment building where 61 foreign nationals reside in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, detaining 24 of the...

Indonesian Labourers Don’t Want Blue-Collar Expats in the Country

The Indonesian Workers Unions Confederation (KSPI) have voiced their rejection to the entry of blue-collar or yellow-hat expatriaties into Indonesia during their...


15 Companies That Help Expats Do Business in Indonesia

Indonesia is going to be the world’s seventh-largest economy by 2030. As Southeast Asia’s biggest market, it offers several different market entry options.

Expats Behind the Burners of Jakarta’s Top Eateries

There is a vibrant culinary scene in Jakarta and expats are no stranger to it. French, German, Italian, Australian expats work in kitchens across the city, sharing the...

Embracing the Spirit of Ramadhan

The Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan is now in full swing. For recently arrived non-Muslim expatriates in Indonesia, it can be something of a culture shock. Yet many...

Jakarta Rental Property Market

Jakarta Rental Property Market

Indonesia continues to maintain the interest of international investors due to its large population and thus potentially large consumer market. Several very large...

Welcome to Remarkable Indonesia

The banner headline of the very impressive TV advertising campaign that tries to hook potential investors to take the path to BKPM, the Indonesian National Investment...






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