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Maintaining Your Mental Health As An Expatriate

Whenever you pack your bags, relocate and settle in a foreign country, starting anew in a place that’s unfamiliar can bring anxiety and stress. This entails leaving...


8 Free Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

So you’ve moved to Indonesia and are all set to adapt and start anew in a country that feels so unfamiliar until you realize that there’s one major problem: you...


Expat Life: Fun Activities for Kids Over the Summer

Summer can be productive and fun for kids. Make it one that’s worthwhile for both of you with this guide for summer activities.

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10 Street Markets That Jakarta Expats May Enjoy

Asians are always delighted to make great finds at public markets. Whether it’s fruits and vegetables, street food, artsy items, household necessities or clothes, they...


How to Find a Proper Dentist in Indonesia

Expats need not worry about finding professional  dental care in Indonesia. Being patient and diligent enough with your research will help you set an appointment with...


An Expat’s Guide to International Preschools in Indonesia

Moving to a foreign country and raising your kids there can be a big challenge. An even bigger challenge will be searching for the right preschool for your kids in that...

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Why Expat Tech Founders Set up Shop in Jakarta

A new breed of professionals has made its way to Indonesia’s shores. Foreign startup founders are riding the tide of a true tech boom in Jakarta.   For a long time,...


The Old Hands

There is always kudos in the amount of time you have been doing something, a kind of “seniority of time”, as if the longer people do something the better they get at...


Understanding the word ‘Bule’

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia or KBBI (The Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language), bule is a word used for foreigners who come to Indonesia heedless of...

Indonesian Expat Entrepreneur

Indonesian Expat Entrepreneur

As an expatriate in Indonesia you probably chose to live here for a job assignment, or an extended visit or retirement, preceded by one or more preliminary visits to...

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