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Rob Davies: The Entrepreneur Behind Appsolute Digital

Rob Davies, the CEO of Appsolute Digital and Arm Enterprises, shares his views on Indonesia’s technology market and his formula for success. Arm Enterprises and...

Mining in Indonesia

Indonesian Entrepreneurs Mine a Rich Vein of Foreign Resource Giants

Two big local buy outs of foreign mining giants is boosting optimism that the country may extend its reach within the resources sector.

This Entrepreneur Shares His Profit with Bali Locals

American expat Michael Lorenti Jr. is siphoning money from the booming cosmetics industry back into the pockets of locals in the East Bali village he now calls home....

Taking the Bali F&B Industry by Storm: Meet Mimi Dougherty

Mimi has grown up living in Bali. Now 25, she is involved in several successful restaurants and clubs including Sushimi, which Tripadvisor calls “The best sushi in...

TAUZIA | Indonesian-Born Hotel Brands and Management

TAUZIA Hotel Management is best known for its four-star Harris Hotel, as well as budget hotel Pop!, and next month will see the opening of its first ‘netizen’ hotel,...

Parman the Tissue and Face Mask Seller

Parman the Tissue and Face Mask Seller

The idea of being an entrepreneur is quickly trivializing itself, and rightfully so. Over the past five years Indonesia—and the rest of the world for that matter—has...

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Where’s the Payoff for Small Businesses?

Like most small business entrepreneurs in Indonesia you have probably progressed from posting your most recent meal photos on Facebook to experimenting with one or more...

Indonesian Expat Entrepreneur

Indonesian Expat Entrepreneur

As an expatriate in Indonesia you probably chose to live here for a job assignment, or an extended visit or retirement, preceded by one or more preliminary visits to...

Rick Creamer

Rick Creamer: Owner of Rick’s Pub Crawl

Rick Creamer was born on the Gold Coast in Queensland, but his family moved to Victoria when he was still a child. He grew up in the Geelong region. Rick has worked in...

Dede - The Ojek Payung

Dede the Ojek Payung

For as long as there have been umbrellas, there have been ojek payung. Every time the skies open over the Big Durian, thousands of unorthodox entrepreneurs like Dede...

Meet J.P. Ellis

J.P. is an entrepreneur and a proud new father. He’s also an avid map aficionado; so much so that he created Mapiary, a powerful social mapping engine.






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