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Solar Energy: The Key to Sustainability in Raja Ampat

Indonesia’s islands span a distance equivalent to one-eighth of the Earth’s circumference. Understandably, one of the main challenges the country still faces is...


Government is Ready to Support an Eco-friendlier Transportation Sector

Following ever-increasing energy consumption in the transportation sector, the government has prepared programmes to reduce the harmful environmental impact.

Waste Power Plant

Czech Power Company Explores Green Energy in Indonesia

Indonesia and the Czech Republic aim to bolster bilateral relations with a newly proposed co-op initiative in the green energy sector.


Indonesia Will No Longer Recoup Costs for Oil Exploration

On Wednesday, January 18, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry issued new decree basing new oil and gas contracts on the gross split scheme, instead of the cost...


Jokowi Graces Inauguration of  North Sulawesi, South Sumatra Power Plants

President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo graced the inauguration of the new power plant at the Minahasa geothermal power station at North Sulawesi as well as the additional...

What Will Ignasius Jonan’s Energy Ministry Look Like?

Experts and analysts raise serious questions about the ability of newly appointed Ignasius Jonan to lead Indonesia’s complex energy and mineral resources sector. Rapid...

This Renewable Energy Firm is Focusing on Indonesia

Indonesia and its more than 17,500 islands is sometimes called the ‘Emerald of the Equator’ because the archipelago looks like a bunch of emeralds strung together...

Indonesia Signs Contract for First Major Wind Energy Project

Indonesia and Denmark make history with a signed agreement on a project to develop the first 60-megawatt wind farm in South Sulawesi on Monday, September 19. Minister...

Indonesia Sets Vague Goals for Weaning Itself Off Fossil Fuels

In the wake of a cabinet reshuffle, and with BP expanding its operation in West Papua, Indonesia believes it can reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. On July 27,...

Brothers at the Coalface: Mining Consultancy Britmindo

Britmindo is a family-run mining consultancy firm powered by brothers Stephen and David Nye, along with their father and the company’s founder, Alan Nye. Stephen and...






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