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The Dutch Pioneering Voyage to the East Indies

By Bartele Gallery Jakarta The last decade of the sixteenth century heralded the emergence of the Dutch as the colonial power that was to supercede Portugal as the...

The Dutch Golden Age of Charcuterie in Jakarta

Expats around town understand how difficult it is to find decent Western cuisine that doesn’t either slant heavily towards local palates (buttermilk fried chicken and...

AVIP Interiors, an Industry Leader in the Design and Build of Commercial Spaces

Frans Spanjaart is Founder and CEO of AVIP Interiors, a commercial interior design company in operation since 1986, which he moved to Indonesia in 1998. Frans talks to...

A Brief History of Tobacco

Tobacco was first cultivated in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Andes, from where it spread north and south till it covered most of the Americas. After ‘discovery’ by...

Naomi Pescheux and Judith

Take a Seat with DUDUK

As they rode on a train to Cirebon from Jakarta, two Dutch ladies by the names of Naomi Pescheux and Judith tried to decide on a name; a name later used for their...






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