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Can Millennials Really Create Change?

Caranissa Djatmiko discusses why Millennials are more than just a group of smartphone zombies and how technology provides the necessary tools to help guide this...

Indonesian Start-up Modalku Wins UN Award

Indonesian fintech start-up Modalku has won the Global SME Excellence Award from ITU Telecom, a UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies....

Linkedin Releases List of Indonesia’s Most-Viewed Professionals

Business-oriented social networking service Linkedin has released the first Linkedin Power Profiles in Indonesia which lists the country’s most-viewed professionals in...

Growing Your Business Online: Meet Arne Van Looveren

Belgian expat Arne Van Looveren has been all around the world, having lived in London, Malaysia and currently Jakarta for the past three years. The immigrant, who is the...

The Hyatt Union Square New York

Hotel Trends 2014

Hospitality technology continues to evolve – and fast. Everything from in-room entertainment options to meeting room technology to effective use of social media in...






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