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Match-Finding App for Polygamists Set for Launch in Indonesia

Finding a second, third or fourth wife will be made easier for Muslim men in Indonesia who wish to enter the fold of polygamy, with the launch of the controversial...

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How Technology Can Mess With Your Love Life

In October of 2016, the love story between Indonesian businessman Pablo Putera Benua and popular TV host and comedian Rey Utami took the internet by storm. One day,...


Setipe: An App for finding ‘The One’ in Indonesia

While the archipelago has plenty of apps that are clearly for the sake of hooking up or just having a one-off good time, Setipe positions itself as the only one designed...


A Dating App That Makes Genuine Connections Possible in Jakarta

Admit it. Getting an authentic, fun and safe date these days is a challenge. This remains the case in megacities like Jakarta, despite the fact that there are several...


Swipe All My Tears Away

Internet dating has seemingly got the whole world by the proverbial short and curlies, and Indonesia is no exception. Sites such as Tinder, Badoo, OK Cupid and Grindr...

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