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Money Changer

47 Illegal Money Changers Identified in Bali

In order to protect consumers from illegal money changers, the government has been identifying them and pledging to take action to prevent financial loss.

Criminal Investigation Agency

Police Officer Foils Mugging Attempt Aboard Angkot Mini Bus

A police officer foiled an attempt to mug a fellow passenger aboard an Angkot in East Jakarta, shooting a man as he held a woman and her son captive.


Foreigners Robbed, Bali Crime Stats Gain Attention

Two Germans were robbed in Bali, as crime on the island continues to rise. Foreigners are advised to take precaution. Here are the stats you need to know.


Manager Stages Fake Robbery at His Own Mart, Gets Busted

Robberies in convenience stores are common in today's world. But robbing your own store and getting caught red-handed? It can be tricky.

behind bars

Two Suspects in Pulomas Murder Case Nabbed

Two men accused in the Pulomas, East Jakarta murder case were arrested by police authorities on Wednesday, December 28.


Robbed and Stabbed, Cab Driver Runs After Perpetrators

After being robbed and stabbed by his perpetrators around 1 a.m. on Monday, December 12, M. Rokhim gathered all the energy he could, took the driver’s seat, ran after...


Cops Nab Man Who Splashed Acid on Wife and Allegedly Killed Her

On Tuesday, December 6, police arrested a 28-year-old suspect who allegedly killed wife after splashing 19 liters of acid at her when he saw her riding a motorcycle with...


Drug Dealer Bagged for Minion Ecstasy Pills

Depok drug dealer was arrested on suspicion of peddling ecstasy tablets that looked like the Minions from “Despicable Me.”


Indonesia Prepares Tougher Penalties for Pedophiles

Indonesia is moving forward with tougher penalties for convicted pedophiles, according to the department of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection.


Infamous Money Launderer Tubagus Wardana Gets Just One Year in Prison

After a famous money laundering trial, Tubagus Wardana has been found guilty. Many see his one-year sentence as a slap in the face of Indonesia’s taxpayers.


Indonesia Looks to Indict More Corporate Criminals

Indonesia is working on a rule that would force authorities to investigate and prosecute more corporate criminals, as well as the companies they work for.


Police Chief Orders Shooting of Thieves “On Sight”

Chief of Central Java Police General Condro Kirono has ordered his officers to shoot thieves “on sight” as part of a resolution to curb the rising number of robbery...


Scams in the City: Don’t Lose Your Goat

Sometimes it’s just not worth reporting a crime in Indonesia. A few weeks ago, I was robbed on a Jakarta bus. A pickpocket deftly removed my Samsung smartphone from my...

We Love Bali Save

Expats and Locals in Solidarity for a Safer Bali

In response to the recent increase in street crimes, road accidents, home burglaries, and murder in Bali, expats have created forums and events to bring local...