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E-KTP Corruption Case State Losses Expected To Rise

The on-going e-KTP corruption case has seen state losses reach Rp 2.3 trillion (US$172 million) in June, but officials predict that number is likely to increase as...

KPK Save Indonesia by Ivanatman

A Brief History On Threats To The Corruption Eradication Commission

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) remains one of the most supported and trusted public institutions in Indonesia, but not everyone is a fan. Long-running...

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Stories of Property and Corruption in Indonesia

Property is a unique game in Indonesia, one with many stakeholders and nuances. Because of this, it has been a breeding ground for bribery and corruption.   It is no...

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E-KTP: One Identification Card, Big-time Corruption

Back in October, Fikrul Hanif, a history professor at a teacher’s college in Padang, West Sumatra, trudged to his local district office to renew his resident ID. He...

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Why Investor Confidence is Low in Indonesia’s Mining Industry

It’s no secret that Indonesia is a major player in the global mining industry. A country rich in natural resources, it has abundances of copper, gold, tin and nickel...


President Jokowi Responds to Sylviana’s Graft Defense

President Jokowi responds to implications of involvement in the Jakarta Scout Movement graft case.


Central Java Police Dept Offers Reward for Reporting Dirty Cops

The Central Java Police department is offering a Rp.5 million (US$380) reward for anyone who reports illegal activities involving dirty cops in the province.


Ex-Health Minister Siti Fadilah Arrested for Graft

Former health minister Siti Fadillah Supari was arrested on October 24, following the national anti-graft agency’s investigation into a case of illegal procurement of...


Infamous Money Launderer Tubagus Wardana Gets Just One Year in Prison

After a famous money laundering trial, Tubagus Wardana has been found guilty. Many see his one-year sentence as a slap in the face of Indonesia’s taxpayers.


Meet James Ofili

James Ofili*, a textiles trader from Nigeria, discusses corruption, drugs and discrimination. Why do so many Nigerians come to Indonesia? Why not? Nigeria is the most...

Criminals are donning police apparel to commit theft and extortion

Scams in the City: Fashion Police

Indonesian police are seeking to improve their image by wearing navy blue shirts emblazoned with the slogan Turn Back Crime. Criminals are donning the same apparel to...


Scams in the City: Don’t Lose Your Goat

Sometimes it’s just not worth reporting a crime in Indonesia. A few weeks ago, I was robbed on a Jakarta bus. A pickpocket deftly removed my Samsung smartphone from my...

Entrance to YUM Kalimantan Village

Yayasan Usaha Mulia Helps to Lift Indonesians above the Poverty Line

Quality of life is an issue in Indonesia for those living below the poverty line. Although some believe that the country has much improved since gaining independence,...

Official Ignorance Is Not Bliss

If Indonesia’s greatest crime of the past century remains swept under the carpet – and cannot even be discussed at a book festival – then what hope is there of...

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