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Indonesia Named Three Penalties For Viral Raja Ampat’s Accident2

Indonesia To Penalize Cruise Liner for Raja Ampat Accident

The amount of money that Noble Caledonia would need to pay could be anywhere between US$10 million and US$16 million.


Simeulue Island, a Decade After the Tsunami and Nature Reminds Us Still

26 December, 2004, 10 years ago this Boxing Day, was a day of unbelievable violence, when nature decided to wake up with an unforgettable result. That day, a giant...


The Village that Saved its Culture, Leatherback Turtles and its Coral Reefs

There are only a few beaches in the world on where the giant leatherback turtle lays its eggs. The leatherback is the fourth largest reptile and the largest ever found...

Is Marine Conservation Taking Hold in Indonesia?

There are encouraging signs that it really is. The evidence comes from the independent assessment of Indonesia’s 20 year US$ 250 million coral reef rehabilitation and...