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Sin Tax Says ‘Put Down the Smokes’

Like much of the world, smoking continues to be one of Indonesia’s top public health priorities. But, with the cheapest cigarette prices on earth as well as a huge...

Interfaith Leaders Declare Cigarette Haram, Argue For Price Increase

Interfaith religious leaders have agreed to declare cigarettes haram (religiously unlawful) and want the government to increase the prices of cigarettes as a control...

With a Long History in Indonesia, Tobacco Remains an Economic Pillar

Tobacco companies in Indonesia could face challenging times, as regulators tighten. But with power and resources, cigarette firms have cause to be optimistic. When it...

Confessions of a Former Smoker

For the past 25 years, cigarettes have been a loyal friend. Camels, Luckies and Marlboros (and the occasional Djarum Super) were a familiar constant in all the different...

Dangerously Nice: Kretek Cigarettes

I was a kretek (clove cigarette) smoker for almost two years. When I first started smoking clove cigarettes in Kalimantan during a voluntary placement, I remember an...






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