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Chef Matias Ayala, Executive Chef of the Raffles Hotel Jakarta

The Raffles Jakarta’s name is synonymous with elegance, luxury and refinement when it comes to the hotel experience and fine dining in Indonesia’s capital. Indonesia...

The Most Down-to-Earth Restaurateur in Jakarta

Executive Chef Andrew Zarzosa of the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta is one of the city’s most well-regarded and nicest expat chefs. Here is some insight into the mastermind of...

Luca Pezzera: A Serial Restaurateur in Southeast Asia

Luca Pezzera, executive chef of the Union Group’s Caffè Milano and the recently opened Bistecca, shares his story of Italian roots and becoming an elite chef in...

The Dutch Golden Age of Charcuterie in Jakarta

Expats around town understand how difficult it is to find decent Western cuisine that doesn’t either slant heavily towards local palates (buttermilk fried chicken and...

Meet Will Meyrick, the Street Food Chef

The seasoned traveller and street food chef of Mama San, Sarong, Hujan Locale, and the soon-to-open Tiger Palm brings an eclectic mix of traditional and uber urban to...

Kazuya Takami of Warung KZU

Meet Kazuya Takami of Warung KZU who shares his love of food and music and how Bali changed his life. Kazuya-san, where are you from in Japan? I was born and raised in a...

Shafa, Eve and Noah Shaping Cheeseburgers

Kids in the Kitchen

Small hands are a big help, and kids enjoy eating their recipe creations. Chubby hands held a measuring cup, poised to dump in more flour as her brother stirred. The...

Chef Kamil at Mediterranea

Meet Camille Massard Combe (aka Chef Kamil)

Meet Camille Massard Combe (aka Chef Kamil). Camille is the proud owner and chef of Mediterranea, a traditional French and Mediterranean restaurant in Jogjakarta,...

Luigi Andrea Calcagno

Meet Luigi Andrea Calcagno

Meet Luigi Andrea Calcagno, owner and chef of Zibiru, Cucina Italiana in Seminyak, Bali. I’m guessing you are from Italy. Where in Italy? I’m from Rome. My extended...






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