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Authorities on High Alert After PCC Drugs Fears in C. Sulawesi

After fears over the street drug Flakka entering Indonesia, anti-drug authorities are shocked at the abuse of a drug known as PCC with almost 50 residents of Kendari,...

Five Fantastic Eastern Indonesian Holiday Destinations

The Indonesian archipelago, featuring 17,000 islands, has so much to offer insatiable adventurers. While more and more expat travellers are beginning to venture beyond...


Operation Tinombala to Resume in 2017

With Operation Tinombala being successful over the past year, Brig. Gen. Rudy Sufahriadi said operation will resume in 2017 to completely wipe out the terrorist group...


Togian Islands, Central Sulawesi: True Remoteness

If you’re looking for party and nightlife, the Togian islands are not the right destination. On the contrary, if you are looking for complete isolation, silence and...

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