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anti-drug operations

Police Officer Shot in Heightening Anti-Drug Operations in Central Kalimantan

A police officer has been injured during a shoot-out in Central Kalimantan as the region’s anti-drug operations escalate.

Final Performance (2)

Dancing in a Foreign Land

French resort entertainer Guillaume Sanchez shares how his journey to Central Kalimantan changed his way of viewing life and performing for the better. In the world of...


Orangutan Adventure

I spotted my first orangutan high up in the trees in the early morning. I heard it before I saw it. I awoke to branches cracking and some pretty furious tree-shaking...

Kesi, the orangutan with one hand on Bapalas Island

Cruising on a Borneo River

There is a special feeling that Borneo invokes. There really is no other experience that comes close to cruising on a tranquil river in Central Kalimantan surrounded by...

Pak Anden

Pak Anden: the Dayak Elder and Village Chief

Pak Anden greeted me by smudging my forehead and cheeks with a white powdered paste. After I received my traditional Dayak blessing, we talked about the issues facing...