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10 Great Places for Brunch on Easter Sunday

Here are ten great hotels for you and your family to enjoy Easter meals and celebrate the rest of the Holy weekend. Jakarta and Bandung may pride themselves on their...


Full Spectrum for Foodies

Jakarta’s Sunday brunch game is on point, and new entrant Spectrum at the Fairmont is hoping to get in on the action.   We humans have always been innovative things....

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Quality Coffee and Breakfast at Monolog

Monolog’s mission is simple: bring great coffee to this great, coffee-growing nation. Proud to be local, 100% of Monolog’s coffee is from Indonesia, and it is...

Cheeseboard at C's Steak and Seafood Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunches in Jakarta

You have probably noticed it by now, but Indonesians love to eat and they love to make you eat. One way to celebrate this eating fest is the Sunday brunches offered by...

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