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Borobudur Under the Full Moon Captured by Caroline and Hughes Dubois

High above the Parisian skyline in the traditional student quarter of Paris, the Dubois studio and apartment is flooded by light. Hughes Dubois exercises his special...

Ten Stunning New Holiday Alternatives to Bali

In 2017 Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered further development of ten alternative tourism destinations dubbed “The New Balis”. Currently Indonesia ranks 47th...

What the Temples of Indonesia Tell Us

We live in a vast archipelago nation alongside 129 active volcanoes. Traditional wooden houses in this region have withstood the many massive earthquakes and tremors...

Meet The Expat - Dr. Titus Leber

Meet Dr. Titus Leber

Meet Dr. Titus Leber, an Austrian filmmaker who transformed Borobudur into interactive multimedia.