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Is Jakarta Set To Lose Capital City Title In 2018?

Rumours of plans to move Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to another city in Java or even another region have long swirled, but are the recent rumblings different?

Photo by David Metcalf

A Jungle Adventure With Kalimantan’s Orangutan

I spotted my first orangutan high up in the trees in the early morning. I heard it before I saw it, awaking to branches cracking and some furious tree-shaking. Luckily,...

Malaysian Drug Trafficker

West Borneo Named as Hot Spot for International Narcotics Trade

The National Anti Narcotics Agency recently stated that West Borneo is now a hub for the region’s international narcotics trade. The strategic location of the province...


Here’s Why Expats in Indonesia Will Find McConaughey’s Movie ‘Gold’ Interesting

The 2016 movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez, is a fictionalized account of the infamous Bre-X mining scandal in Indonesia. The movie is...


Tana Olen, the Forbidden Forest

“We call this place Tana Olen,” Philius, the Dayak elder explained. “In Kenyah Dayak language this means forbidden forest – forbidden to destroy.” The locals...


Orangutan Adventure

I spotted my first orangutan high up in the trees in the early morning. I heard it before I saw it. I awoke to branches cracking and some pretty furious tree-shaking...

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The Gibbon Whisperer: Meet Chanee Kalaweit

Chanee Kalaweit is a former French national, who in 2012 gained his Indonesian citizenship. Since the tender age of 12, Chanee has dedicated his life to the gibbon, apes...

Harvesting benamud or millet, a local crop in the Krayan highlands. Copyright CE

Indonesian Communities Awarded United Nations Development Programme Equator Prize

The United Nation Development Programme’s Equator Initiative recently announced the 2015 winners of its prestigious Equator Prize. Having attracted 1,461 entries from...

BIWA Bike Group photo 2 (2)

Taking a Spin in Kal-Tim

Cycling adventures through kampung, rain forest and sandy beaches with the Balikpapan International Women’s Association’s (‘BIWA’) cycling group. In...


Psychogeography for Beginners

Borneo is a terrific place to visit, however hiking there from Jakarta is perhaps not the best way of setting about things. Borneo’s mysterious heart of darkness...

Lorna Dowson-Collins. Photo by David Metcalf

Business as a Driver of Change: Meet Lorna Dowson-Collins

Lorna Dowson-Collins is Owner of Kalimantan Tour Destinations, an eco-tourism company based in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. She has been involved in various...

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Looking for Borneo: Meet Mark Heyward

Traveller, musician, educator and author of two books on Borneo talks about life in Indonesia, his epic journey across the island and other past and future adventures....


Going, Going, Gone: In Search of the Ultimate Longhouse

Along with blowpipes, traditional tattooing, mastery of plaiting crafts, canoe-building and the custom of wearing huge bunches of metal earrings to elongate earlobes,...

A feeding orangutan on Kaja Island, Central Kalimantan by Angela Richardson

Voices for the Orangutan

Seeing an orangutan in its natural habitat is a rare and magical experience that, for many, will only happen once in a lifetime. 96.4 percent of our genetic makeup is...

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