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The Fight for Benoa Bay

Over the past four years the people of Bali have been fighting a bitter struggle against the reclamation of Benoa Bay. The group Bali Tolak Reklamasi (Bali Rejects...

Bali and the World – We Have a Problem!

I first came to this Island of the Gods on my honeymoon in 1988. The marriage did not last long, but my love for this Island was instant and ran deep. Oh, the natural...

Despite Protests in Bali, Benoa Bay Reclamation Project Moves Ahead Legally

The Benoa Bay reclamation by PT Tirta Wahana Bali International has drawn fervent protests. But the project looks to be legal, and will be underway shortly. Although...

The Rhythm of People Power

An environmental movement against the planned reclamation of water and mangroves for large-scale development in Benoa Bay is uniting conservationists, musicians and...

Plasticology – Saving Bali, One Artwork at a Time

Tourism has impacted on the traditional Balinese way of life and changed the dynamics of this idyllic island and still the expansion of villas and hotels continues. A...






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