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foreign banknotes

Bank Indonesia To Cap Foreign Banknotes Entering Country

From March 5, 2018, carrying foreign banknotes equal or more than US$75,148 will be illegal if not registered with Bank Indonesia.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards to be Removed from Obligatory Tax Report for Expats

The government will no longer want to see credit bills to assess taxes owed by expats. This come as new rules let authorities peer into overseas accounts.

AFEX Indonesia on Fintech and Cross-Border Payments

As the world’s fourth most populous country, which has 742 different languages, 18,307 islands and a middle-income class that is larger than Australia’s, Indonesia...

Tales from the Kantor Floor

Let’s face it: for all the wonderful, awe-inspiring, eye-opening things about living in Indonesia—and there are many, from the jaw-dropping travel to the...






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