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Wednesday Rate Hike Possible, Says Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo indicated on Monday that the central bank could raise its benchmark seven-day reverse repo rate ( 7DRRR ) during its Board of...

Bitcoin Could Destabilize Financial System, Warns Bank Indonesia

Trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could lead to losses and destabilize Indonesia’s financial system, declared Bank Indonesia in a fresh warning against the...

“Electronic Money” Cards Free October 16-31, BI announces

Bank Indonesia has announced customers who wish to purchase electronic money cards from five issuing banks from October 16 to 31, 2017, will be given a complimentary...

Bank Indonesia Warns Of Fake Cash Across Country

Bank Indonesia has warned that while counterfeit banknotes have dropped in circulation in recent years consumers must stay savvy as 22,212 fake notes have already been...

re-denominate rupiah

Bank Indonesia Puts Money On Redenomination of the Rupiah

The central bank Governor Agus Martowardojo said the macroeconomic condition is currently stable and healthy enough to support redenomination.

National Payment Gateway

Key Sectors to Cash In On Bank Indonesia Cashless Payments

Bank Indonesia, the country’s central bank, is developing a National Payment Gateway which will soon see electronic payments processed within the country and...

foreign banknotes

Bank Indonesia To Cap Foreign Banknotes Entering Country

From March 5, 2018, carrying foreign banknotes equal or more than US$75,148 will be illegal if not registered with Bank Indonesia.

Credit Card Interest Limit Reducement

New Credit Card Interest Rates From June After Bank Indonesia Rule

Customers will be notified of changes to credit card interest rates in the lead up to the June 1 drop.

Online Hazards

Victims of online retail fraud in Indonesia tend to cut their losses, chalking down their experience as a lesson to be more careful before buying goods over the...