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Dog Meat Outlawed Following Shock Bali Investigation

The sale of dog meat has been officially outlawed in Bali following an international outcry from animal rights activists, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said in a...

Trump Takes On Tanah Lot

Property mogul turned President of the United States Donald Trump has a lot on his plate, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting his sights on a six-star resort...

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Officials Aim to Control the Overpopulation of Bali Hotels

The number of rooms in Bali does not match its number of visitors. Local groups push for all Bali hotels to meet certain criteria before they can be built.


More Tourists Denied Entry to Bali Despite Visa-Free Policy

Since Jokowi announced the visa-free policy, critics claim crime stats have increased, as more tourists are denied entry to Bali for various reasons.

Bali to Become the Next Big Culinary Capital

The government is pushing for Bali to be the country’s gastronomy capital. Jakarta has carried out campaigns to raise awareness on the origins of Balinese cuisine and...

Concerns Loom over Bali’s Readiness Following Visa-Free Travel Policy

Stakeholders are sceptical about whether Bali can accommodate the high number of foreign arrivals that will be caused by the new visa-free policy. Despite concerns about...






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