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Indonesia wants Australia to be part of ASEAN

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has showed his support for Australia to join the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ahead of a special summit in Sydney....

Two Indonesian National Parks Given ASEAN Heritage Status

Two of Indonesia’s national parks, Kepulauan Seribu National Park (KSNP) and Wakatobi National Park (WNP), are set to be recognized as highly protected areas of...

GO-JEK Eyes Expansion to Four ASEAN Countries

Having enjoyed success in Indonesia, ride-hailing app GO-JEK has announced that it is looking to expand its business to four other Southeast Asian countries. While the...

The Road to the Asian Games 2018

The middle of August has been a busy time for the Indonesian government. The 50th anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Indonesia’s 72nd...

August: An Auspicious Month to Celebrate Indonesia and the Region

This month Indonesia celebrates its 72nd anniversary of independence. Millions of children around the archipelago will spend August 17 playing games in the...

The Boom Is Here As Indonesia Tourism Tops Asean Growth

Indonesia’s stunning beaches, mountainscapes and jungles are by no means a well-kept secret, but tourism has largely been confined to the established resort island of...


Jokowi Graces New Yogyakarta Int’l Airport Inauguration

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the New Yogyakarta International Airport will be formally held on Monday, January 23, with President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo gracing the...

British Council Pushes to Empower Indonesian Teachers and Students

The British Council-Indonesia partnered with HSBC and set a character-building programme for local teachers, principals and high school students.

Defense Analyst to Jokowi-Kalla: Toughen Up on Foreign Affairs Issues

Prominent defense analyst commends Jokowi and Kalla’s two-year progress but advises the country’s leaders to toughen on country’s foreign affairs.

Bursa Efek Indonesia Joins IPC’s Global Financial Marketplace

 IPC Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized communications and managed network-as-a-service (MNaaS) solutions for the financial trading community,...

Indonesia Remains Confident the Economy Will Grow by More than 5 Percent This Year

The Indonesian government aims to bolster its slowing economy by encouraging domestic consumption, increasing government spending, and drumming up investment. With a...

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

More than 1,000 persecuted Muslim Rohingyas from Myanmar (Burma) and about 800 people from Bangladesh, most of them seeking better lives in Malaysia or Australia, have...

Global oil prices are slipping. Where does Indonesia stand?

The fall in global oil prices seems like good news in Indonesia. But not all is well in ASEAN. Remko Tanis gives us something to think about at the pump.  The fall in...

Meet Rebecca Riley

Meet Rebecca Riley, spouse of US Ambassador to ASEAN, David Carden, and an all-round fascinating humanitarian.






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