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Suspected Kingpin of Deadly Bootleg Liquor Operation Arrested

Police have arrested the main suspect in a spate of bootleg alcohol poisonings thought to have killed dozens across Indonesia, authorities said on Wednesday, April 18,...

42 Foreigners Arrested for Immigration Violations in North Jakarta

As many as 42 Nigerian and Ugandan nationals have been arrested by the local authorities in North Jakarta for immigration violations after most of them failed to present...

Lion Air Senior Pilot Arrested in Hotel for Alleged Drug Use

The police have confirmed the arrest of a senior Lion Air pilot after he was caught to be in possession of illegal drugs in a hotel in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. “He...

Jimmi Muliku

Preying on Prostitutes

A churchgoing keyboardist posed as a playboy and robbed at least 24 high-class prostitutes in four cities, until he made the mistake of stealing from a drug lord’s...






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