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Wild Rivers and Wildlife – Gunung Leuser National Park

A Wilderness Escape A trip to the Gunung Leuser National Park in Southern Aceh is an authentic wilderness experience. Your accommodation choices are limited to budget...

Barking Mad: Rabies Outbreak In West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan is battling to control a spike in rabies cases with reports in eight regencies increasing to 11 earlier this month, prompting warnings to avoid dogs in...

Bandung Zoo Accuses Fundraiser of Fraud

Indonesian zoos do not enjoy a sterling reputation for animal care. When foreigners try to intervene, officials become upset – especially when money is at stake. An...

Protected Birds

Medan Pet Birds Confiscated In Protected Animal Crackdown

Eight pet birds were confiscated by authorities in Medan after they were found to nationally protected in a bid to save the country’s unique wildlife.

The Terrible Truth behind Your Cup of Cat Poo Coffee

In Bali, the high demand for luwak coffee has created a ruthless industry built on immense animal suffering and an inferior product. Kopi luwak, or coffee produced from...

Locals United to Save Stranded Whales

On Wednesday, 32 whales were found stranded on the coast of East Java by local residents in Probolinggo; at least eight of which have since died. The mass stranding...

Another Tiger Dies at Indonesia’s ‘Death Zoo’

A male Sumatran tiger has died at the Surabaya Zoo, where hundreds of animals have reportedly died in recent years. Rama, a critically endangered tiger is another...

Meet Bernard Harrison

Bernard is the zoologist who ran the Singapore Zoological Gardens and Jurong Bird Park, also starting the world’s first Night Safari. His biography Naked Ape/Naked...

This is an Ex-Tortoise & Other Abused Animals

This is an Ex-Tortoise & Other Abused Animals

Indonesian internet forums trading in exotic fauna are rife with complaints from people who feel scammed because the creatures they ordered have not matched...

Jalan Barito

“Iman”: the Exotic Pet Trader

Although Jalan Barito renowned for its access to some of Indonesia’s most exotic pets, Iman dismisses the rumour that eager buyers could purchase something like a baby...

Tim & Lion

Tim Husband: Zoo Curator

Working his way up through the ranks, Tim Husband has worked in zoos in Australia, New Zealand, India and throughout Southeast Asia for more than 30 years. Growing up in...

Natalie Stewart

Natalie Stewart

Meet Natalie Stewart. American-born animal lover, animal protector and one of the founders of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN).   Natalie, where are you originally...






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