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Babad Blambangan

Indonesia’s old manuscripts are waiting to be deciphered

Mehamat Boru Karo Sekalu, a lady working in North Sumatra Museum reads an ancient book written in Batak letters, eloquently. The visitors of Nusantara Old Manuscripts...

Road in Tanjung Raya District

Roads in Mesuji: Driving or Mud Skiing?

The distance from Jakarta to Mesuji in the Lampung Province of Sumatra is a little more than 400 km away. Last month, I paid a visit to my relative for a family...

Cangkuang Temple-1

Cangkuang, West Java’s Small and Mystical Hindu Temple

Discovering one of the few Hindu-Buddhist relics ever to be discovered in West Java. One Tuesday morning, a gang of youngsters got on a raft to cross a lake and visit a...

Education Guide 2017

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