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Indonesian Rice Prices Double Global Average

Despite being a major producer of rice, consumers in Indonesia pay over double on average for the food staple.

Maria Loretha: Championing Sorghum, Flores’s Crop of Hope

Sorghum is a gluten-free and nutrient-rich crop that can replace rice in times of need. It is drought-resistant and grows where the soil cannot produce vegetables....

Bird’s Eye Chili Pepper Threatened by Inflated Prices

The bird’s eye chili pepper is under threat not by pests but by a dramatic increase in its market prices. Consumers should expect to tighten their belts as prices for...

Infrastructure and Policy Remain Key Challenges for Food Security

Is Indonesia meeting the definitive requirements to be considered self-sufficient? Is its definition of food security the same as the one set by the Food and Agriculture...

Entrepreneurs Cut Out Middlemen in Indonesia’s Agricultural Trade

Technology has long been supporting the agriculture sector in Indonesia, with the use of modern machinery to increase farmers’ productivity and efficiency. Recently,...

Indonesia and Denmark Agree to Strengthen Agriculture Cooperation

The Indonesian and Danish government have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen cooperation in the field of agriculture. Minister of Agriculture Amran...

Permablitz Painting Workshop

Permablitz Bali: Making Circles of Seeds and Friends

On past weekends I’ve often woken up with a hangover – my day’s almost over and I’m feeling too lazy to cook. Back then, I didn’t question the way in which...






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