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Jakarta Taxi Fare Fourth Cheapest In World: Study

The 2017 Taxi Price Index featured the world’s cheapest and priciest cities to take a taxi. Jakarta came out as the only city in Indonesia that made the count.  

Hailing a taxi puts users in an awkward position, with the full fare not known until the end of the journey. In some parts of the world this can be harrowing, with taxi prices regularly running high, but in others, like Jakarta, it can often be a pleasant surprise with reasonable prices.

A study released last month by Carspring, a UK-based online car dealership, looked at taxi fares across 80 of the world’s largest cities. The study highlighted several factors, including the cost per kilometre, the cost of a three-kilometre ride and the average price from the airport to the city centre. Carspring also looked at the most popular vehicles used by taxi drivers in an effort to differentiate between legal and illegal taxis.

The index found Jakarta sits as the fourth cheapest in the world and the cheapest in the region at US$0.32 per kilometre. Cairo came in bottom of the global chart at US$0.11. Zurich topped the chart at US$5.48 per kilometre.

Cheapest Cities

  1. Cairo, Egypt
  2. Mumbai, India
  3. Bucharest, Romania 
  4. Jakarta, Indonesia 
  5. Mexico City, Mexico
  6. Tunis, Tunisia
  7. Bangkok, Thailand
  8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  9. Sofia, Bulgaria  
  10. Hanoi, Vietnam


Most Expensive Cities

  1. Zurich, Switzerland  
  2. Geneva, Switzerland  
  3. Tokyo, Japan  
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Helsinki, Finland
  6. London, U.K.
  7. Antwerp, Belgium  
  8. Munich, Germany
  9. Hamburg, Germany
  10. Stuttgart, Germany


The full index is available here.
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