More Than 100 Foreigners with Visa Overstay Sanctioned by Bogor Immigration

The Immigration office in Bogor, West Java, said that it has taken necessary action on more than 100 foreigners in the city who were discovered to have overstayed their visas.

“We have taken administrative measures against 110 foreigners, comprising 79 men and 31 women, who had overstayed their visas by a combined 861 days,” Bogor Immigration Office head Suhendra said on Wednesday, as quoted by The Jakarta Post .

Of the 110 foreigners held, 104 of them, consisting of 76 men and 28 women from 19 countries, have been deported for allegedly misusing their stay permits. Most of them, Suhendra said, were from China, Egypt, Iraq, Malaysia and Morocco.

He added that the overstay fees charged on the foreigners, which has been submitted to the government treasury as non-tax state revenue (PNBP), amounted to Rp 258.3 million or US$18,081.

According to Suhendra, the immigration office this year has issues almost twice as many passports than it did last year. “We issued 11,622 passports this year, up from 6,478 in 2017.”

Furthermore, he explained that the number of requests for visitor’s visas at the Bogor Immigration Office has increased from 1,365 last year 1,519 this year. Similarly, requests for permanent stay permits (ITAP) increased from 77 last year to 89 this year. The number of requests for temporary stay permits (ITAS), meanwhile, has seen a decrease this year with 2,215 permits, compared to 2,300 last year.

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Ardi Wirdana is a Jakarta-based journalist covering a variety of topics including business, policy, and news in Indonesia.