Images of World’s Ugliest Pig Captured in Indonesia

Researchers have managed to capture and share rare pictures of Javan warty pigs, often described as the “world’s ugliest pig” believed to be on the brink of extinction.

This rare species of pig is distinguished by the large warts on their faces, which are more prominent on the older pigs. According to researchers at the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom, the pigs are an endangered species with their number understood to be declining during the past three decades due to hunting and forest habitat loss.

Pictures of the Javan warty pigs were successfully obtained by British and Indonesian researchers who were conducting research to get a clearer sense of population levels and find ways to boost conservation of a “highly threatened species.” The pictures provided real proof to the world that the Javan warty pigs are still in existence.

“It was even feared that many, if not all, populations had become extinct until their existence was confirmed by the zoo’s cameras…. [They] could eventually be used to establish new protection laws for the species as, currently, they are not protected by Indonesian law,” stated researchers at the Chester Zoo, as quoted by


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Ardi Wirdana is a Jakarta-based journalist covering a variety of topics including business, policy, and news in Indonesia.