Jakarta Business Networkers

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Make the right connections and grow your business over breakfast. At Jakarta Business Networkers (JBN), all attendees are encouraged to help others by exchanging referrals and introducing them to their target audience. JBN is all about helping you grow your business. Promote your business, personal brand or portfolio each week to the rest of the attendees and explain to the group the type of referrals you would like to receive. JBN professional networking sessions are from 7-8.30am every Tuesday at Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta, and Thursday at Mercantile Athletic Club, WTC, Sudirman. RSVP:

Ancient Futures: NewEarth Festival
5-9 April 2017

Ancient Futures: NewEarth Festival is a space for visionaries, change makers and thought leaders to connect and lead their own initiatives that will make a positive impact. Featuring an array of creative acts like music, healing arts, gastronomy, symposium and other performances, the festival is organized to challenge perspectives and find solutions for a better world. The topics that will be discussed in Ancient Futures include decentralization (air), art as activism (fire), flow (water), earthing (earth) as well as resonation and harmonics (akasha). Departing from these topics, participants will be asked to help envision and reshape a new era of wellbeing, peace and welfare. For more information, please visit

Komunitas Salihara’s Street Photography Class
8 April-6 May 2017

Street photography is known as one of the most popular forms of art in the world. Jakarta’s iconic cultural space Komunitas Salihara is inviting photography enthusiasts to learn everything that it takes to capture a picture with the right technique. The class will later take students to practice street photography in interesting areas across the city. Students are required to bring their own cameras and will receive learning materials during the class and a certificate afterwards. The class will be taught by Erik Prasetya, one of Asia’s most renowned photographers. In 2012, Prasetya was listed as one of 20 Most Influential Asian Photographers by Invisible Photographer Asia. The class costs for Rp.2,000,000. For more information please visit

Google Cloud Next’17 Extended Jakarta
9 April 2017

Programmers, engineers and tech junkies are all invited to attend the largest Google event in Jakarta. In Google Cloud Next’17, participants get to partake in discussions about the latest trend in technology and services, as well as listen to what local developers have to say about the future of the tech business in Indonesia. The event invites two key speakers Yohan Totting, who is a Web Technologies Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Indonesia and Omer Dawalbeit, a Google Cloud Platform GDE for UK. The event is free of charge and will take place at @america. To register online please visit

CasCades Bali’s Course Dinner
28-29 April 2017

CasCades Bali Restaurant of Viceroy Bali is known for its stunning dishes due to its collaborations with Michelin Star chefs like Nick Bril, Benoit Dewitte, Michael Vrijmoed, Thierry Blouet and Sninobu Namae. This April, the restaurant will welcome another two renowned chefs. Soenil Bahadoer is originally from Suriname, located on the northeast coast of South America. Bahadoer is the Chef Patron of Restaurant De Lindehof in the Netherlands. Having grown up in a traditional Hindu family, his cooking style perfectly reflects his background. Bahodoer’s creativity and exotic influences are commonly seen and tasted in his dishes. Guests can look forward to one of his best creations, Rendang, that is combined with ginger beer, cabbage, kimchi, miso powder, potato with curry and white soy. Bahadoer will also work alongside CasCade’s executive chef Nic Vanderbeeken. Vanderbeeken has previously worked in and established a number of restaurants all around the globe, including in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Vietnam. The two-day collaboration will serve guests with a meal and wine pairing.

Event Details: 28 April 2017 | 7pm onwards | 6 course dinner | IDR 1,950.000 ++ (with wine pairing), 29 April 2017 | 7pm onwards | 4 course dinner | Rp.1,500,000 ++ (with wine pairing)

For more information please visit

Ubud Food Festival 2017
12-14 May 2017

The Ubud Food Festival (UFF) is back this year with the theme ‘Every Flavour Is a Story.’ Returning for the third time, UFF will present the archipelago’s most celebrated chefs, restaurateurs, pro food enthusiast and food addicts alike. The festival will also welcome a series of local and international culinary experts, including Tasia and Gracia Seger from Australia, the jungle chef Charles Toto and raw food specialist Arif Springs from Indonesia. The festival will bring an array of Asian flavours to some of Seminyak and Sanur’s most exotic dining destinations. For more information, please visit