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How Spicy is Indonesian Spicy?

Think you can handle spicy food? You obviously haven’t tried some of Indonesia’s spicier foods and snacks such as Bu Rudy’s sambal bawang, mie abang...

Is it Nice Being a Bule in Indonesia?

More often than not, the humour from Stevenson’s comedy sketches can be found in our day-to-day experiences as a foreigner living in a foreign country, whether in...

Who is Sacha Stevenson?

Indonesia Expat is excited to announce video content for our online viewers. We will feature popular Indonesian YouTube stars as well as relevant and entertaining video...

Remember Clean Up Jakarta Day 2017? We do!

Last year we gathered 25,000 volunteers at 72 clean-up sites across Jakarta. This year is going to be MUCH BIGGER with a target of 600,000 volunteers cleaning up on the...






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