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Amusement and Theme Parks to Visit in Indonesia

Toiling away everyday and leading a fast-paced lifestyle can take its toll – leaving one stressed and desperately wanting a form of recreation. If you want to indulge...

mount rinjani lombok | wikimedia commons

Embarking on the Perfect Getaway to Indonesia

Stretching over 5,200km from Sumatra to Papua, Indonesia is a massive island nation that is never easy to define. Ahead of its 72nd anniversary, Caranissa Djatmiko...

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2012

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Launch 2017 Program

The annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival launched its full program Wednesday, Aug. 16, ahead of the October event with a speaker list including some of the top names...

Kaum Food Spread

Around the Archipelago in One Meal

This month is all about celebrating Indonesia and what better way to celebrate than with one of Indonesia’s greatest strengths – the food. These restaurants offer...


Jakarta, the World’s Most Popular City on Instagram: Study

While Jakarta may not beat London or New York City in many polls of the world’s top destinations, the capital city has beaten all competitors to be the world’s most...


Gili Islands, Bali Among Best Bargain Beaches In the World

Fans of Indonesia’s beaches have had their suspicions confirmed after a worldwide ‘Beach Price Index’ found Indonesia’s beaches to be among the cheapest to visit...


Get Ready To Wave The Red And White

With the Independence Day holiday fast approaching and the country already painting itself red and white, August is always a great time to immerse yourself in a touch of...


A Deeper Look Into The Languid Lake Toba

Lake Toba is surrounded by highlands and jagged peaks on the island of Sumatra. The lake spreads out to meet dramatic cliffs and forested slopes, which extend to the...

Cangkuang Temple | Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Kampung Pulo – Cangkuang: A temple and a tomb

Floating bamboo rafts on a placid lake are ready to take you to the island of Kampung Pulo from Cangkuang in West Java in Indonesia. There in the sylvan air, cottonwood...


Wild Rivers and Wildlife – Gunung Leuser National Park

A Wilderness Escape A trip to the Gunung Leuser National Park in Southern Aceh is an authentic wilderness experience. Your accommodation choices are limited to budget...


What Experts Are Saying about Lombok’s $3B Mandalika Project

Bali may be Indonesia’s tourism superstar, but Lombok has already been gaining extreme popularity over the past few years – something that developers didn’t...

Senang Hati sandeq by Rofinus Monteiro

Sailing Indonesia’s Heritage with Rofinus Monteiro

Centuries before electronic charts and 10,000 horsepower engines existed, ancient Indonesians have voyaged as far as Africa on the wind in their sails. Grace Susetyo...


Six Degrees: Home Away From Home For Travelling Young Expats

For expats who live outside of the capital city, a visit to Jakarta can be a stressful and unenjoyable time. Quickly run down by the world-famous traffic and air...

international routes

Batik Air Route Expansion Hoped To Be Next Step In Tourist Boom

The new international routes are expected bring more foreign visits to Indonesia with the airline reaching international aviation standards.

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