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Bombing attempt in Medan could be linked to ISIS

St. Joseph Church in Medan turned into a crime scene after a young man tried to detonate a series of improvised explosive devices stored in his backpack.

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Google: Indonesia to Dominate SEA’s Digital Economy by 2025

A study conducted by Google and Temasek revealed that Indonesia will take over Southeast Asia’s digital economy by 2025.  Yesterday, Google and Temasek released...


WORKING IN INDONESIA, why on Earth not!

A visit visa, a temporary work permit with a visit visa or a normal work permit with a stay permit, that is the only question.    After Immigration has targeted...


LGBT Rights Questioned in Indonesian Courtroom

On Tuesday, Indonesia’s Constitutional Court reviewed anti-LGBT laws in its latest hearing of a lawsuit attended by a group of academics and activists.   The...


Scams in the City: Love Bugs

People are still falling prey to online romance scams. An aspiring lawyer and a wealthy socialite are among the latest victims. The voice was feminine, alluring and...

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How Backstreet Bali Money Changers Cheat

Unseasoned visitors to Bali, relieved they’ve safely negotiated Ngurah Rai’s fickle Customs and Immigration, suddenly get hit by the cacophony that’s Indonesia....


Indonesian Finance Ministry Yet to Confirm Cigarette Price Increase

Despite ongoing reports about the Indonesian government’s plans to increase cigarette prices, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that the ministry has yet to...


Indonesian Government to Deport Illegal Foreign Workers

Indonesian Manpower Minister M. Hanif Dhakiri has warned that illegal foreign workers or foreign personnel who violate labour rules could face immediate deportation from...


Indonesian Government Considering Dual Citizenships

As the number of Indonesians living abroad increases, the government is considering the possibility of allowing dual citizenship. The debate on whether or not an...


Indonesia’s Proposal to Ban Alcohol: What International Media are Saying

Indonesia is considering a national ban on the production, consumption and distribution of alcohol. The news came as a surprise to international media, which led to some...


Indonesia Plans to Open New Tax Haven Areas

After grappling with a shortfall in tax revenues, Indonesia is now exploring the possibilities of setting up tax havens with hopes of bringing funds back into the...

Pokémon GO adventure Jakarta

Pokémon NO?

Love it or hate it, Pokémon GO’s augmented reality is the future of gaming. It’s also a magnet for scammers. “Have you got Pokémon GO on your phone?” a...

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Indonesia Executes Four Drug Offenders in Second Round of Executions

Despite a series of diplomatic pressures and legal appeals, Indonesia has carried out its first executions since 2013. This morning, four drug offenders were sentenced...


Meet Indonesia’s New Ministers 2016

On Wednesday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced the names of the new ministers in this year’s reshuffle. In a bid to support effectiveness in Indonesia’s...

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