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Tokopedia Announces $1.1b Investment from Alibaba

One of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platforms has secured a major investment from Alibaba, making the Chinese e-commerce empire a minor shareholder in Tokopedia....


Maintaining Your Mental Health As An Expatriate

Whenever you pack your bags, relocate and settle in a foreign country, starting anew in a place that’s unfamiliar can bring anxiety and stress. This entails leaving...


King Con Gets 18 Years for Murders

Notorious conman and cult leader Taat Pribadi, who gave himself the noble-sounding title of Dimas Kanjeng, has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for orchestrating the...


Postnup Agreements are now legal

An Indonesian, who is married to a foreign citizen, is allowed to own Indonesian property (Hak Milik or Hak Guna Bangunan), with a notarial prenup or postnuptial...


Jakarta, the World’s Most Popular City on Instagram: Study

While Jakarta may not beat London or New York City in many polls of the world’s top destinations, the capital city has beaten all competitors to be the world’s most...


In the Name of the Fraudster

Indonesian media recently seized on the story of a gang that forged letters from President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo to request financial support for his re-election bid...


Drug Convict Allegedly Masterminds Major Drug Trafficking Ring From Behind Bars

Local authorities have revealed an inmate in a high-level security prison is the alleged mastermind of a major drug import operation leading to two arrests and the death...


Fool’s Gold Fever

If you want to invest in gold, a 1 kilogram bar will set you back about US$40,000 at today’s prices – well beyond the means of most Indonesians. Sensing an...

Inul Vizta karaoke

Inul Vizta Karaoke Raid Nets Naked Dancers In East Java

The manager of the Kediri, East Java, Inul Vizta karaoke is likely to face charges under the controversial pornography laws.


Aceh Canings To Be Conducted In Private

Public caning punishments in the North Sumatra province of Aceh, which practices Sharia law, has long been controversial courting international condemnation, now...

retail franchises

Dissecting The Demise Of 7-Eleven In Indonesia

The debate over the cause of the sudden departure in late June of 7-Eleven, known locally as Sevel, from Indonesia continues with business leaders pointing fingers at...

capital city

Is Jakarta Set To Lose Capital City Title In 2018?

Rumours of plans to move Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to another city in Java or even another region have long swirled, but are the recent rumblings different?

retail franchises

The Challenges For Global Retail Franchises in Indonesia

Following the recent shutdown of America’s largest chain of convenience store 7-Eleven, here are the challenges of foreign retail franchises in Indonesia


Indonesia Teams Up With Philippines and Malaysia To Fight Terrorism

Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia have agreed to join forces and pool intelligence as threats of terrorism loom over Southeast Asia during a trilateral meeting on...

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