Category: Scams in the City

Manufacturing Hatred

Punishing those who propagate radical hate-speech is not enough. Their ultimate paymasters must be named and brought to justice. President Joko Widodo’s face is...

Police Bust Bogus Bruneian Businessman Scam

Beware of helping friendly strangers wanting to use your bank account for business or charitable purposes, especially if they try to entice you with a commission....

The Root of All Evil

A travel agency has scammed millions of dollars from Muslims who wanted to visit Mecca. Victims are now clamouring for reimbursement. With religion being compulsory in...

King Con Gets 18 Years for Murders

Notorious conman and cult leader Taat Pribadi, who gave himself the noble-sounding title of Dimas Kanjeng, has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for orchestrating the...

In the Name of the Fraudster

Indonesian media recently seized on the story of a gang that forged letters from President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo to request financial support for his re-election bid...

Fool’s Gold Fever

If you want to invest in gold, a 1 kilogram bar will set you back about US$40,000 at today’s prices – well beyond the means of most Indonesians. Sensing an...

Bank Indonesia Warns Of Fake Cash Across Country

Bank Indonesia has warned that while counterfeit banknotes have dropped in circulation in recent years consumers must stay savvy as 22,212 fake notes have already been...

Bandung Zoo Accuses Fundraiser of Fraud

Indonesian zoos do not enjoy a sterling reputation for animal care. When foreigners try to intervene, officials become upset – especially when money is at stake. An...

Don’t Show, Do Tell

Beware of sharing a nude selfie in Indonesia. You could be extorted or even criminalized. There’s an old internet joke that goes like this: “Warning! If a man comes...

Beware of the Men in Uniform

Posing as policemen and pilots, con men are able to steal women’s hearts and then their money. It is often said that women love a man in uniform. As long as it’s an...

Benjamin Holst

The Curious Case of Benjamin Holst, ‘The Party Beggar’

He was deported last year for begging but is relentless in his quest for beer money. Here's an infographic that summarizes the story of Benjamin Holst.


Bleeding Hearts Beware: Fraudulent Donation Scams

With poverty still high in Indonesia, some scammers look to exploit the goodwill of strangers and worshippers by soliciting donations for phony projects.

Taking Leaf of Their Sanity

A conman has been arrested near Jakarta after fleecing at least Rp.1 billion (US$75,000) from people who believed his “religious powers” could transform leaves into...

Bule Prices in Market

Understanding ‘Bule Prices’ in Indonesia

A huge price disparity between local and foreign tourists reaching every sector from transportation threatens Indonesia’s tourism industry.






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