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Lifesaving Initiatives Against Methanol

Lifesaving Initiatives Against Methanol

With Christmas and New Year almost here, plenty of people will be taking the opportunity to engage in some festive drinking. If you’re holidaying anywhere in the...

Welcome to Remarkable Indonesia

The banner headline of the very impressive TV advertising campaign that tries to hook potential investors to take the path to BKPM, the Indonesian National Investment...

Putu Andayani Prasuti Pradnyana

What to Wear and What Not to Wear in Indonesia

Indonesia has a rich fashion tradition, and since tailoring is quite affordable, many are tempted to go for tailor-made pieces. You’ve probably heard about batik and...

Essential Addendum to Your Pocket Indonesian-English Dictionary

Essential Addendum to Your Pocket Indonesian-English Dictionary

This is a list of three letter words/sounds you’ll never find in any Indonesian Dictionary.

Throwing the Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party

Throwing the Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party

My daughter just turned one and I spent the past couple of weeks thinking about how to celebrate this important milestone. Indonesians have a tradition of making a big...

Not So Real Estate

Not-So-Real Estate

Renting a house, apartment or holiday accommodation can become a nightmare if you fall victim to a real estate scam. Most commonly, scammers pose as owners of property,...

Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah

Glittering Sharia Pyramids

Julisar, a Jakarta-based Chinese Indonesian businesswoman, thought she was onto a winner when a friend invited her to invest $100,100 in Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah...

Baby Playgroups in Jakarta

Baby Playgroups in Jakarta

For those who are not familiar with playgroups, the concept is quite simple. Starting as soon as a few months old in some places, playgroups is a place for children not...

Annisya Yulianti - personal trainer at Jatomi Fitness in Kuningan City

Getting a Handle on Health in Jakarta

Living in Jakarta, it can be a challenge to stay healthy. Pollution, traffic, unpredictable weather and a lack of sidewalks combine to make outdoor exercise difficult at...


Can’t Eat, Busy Begging

It’s that time of year again, when beggars converge on Jakarta to make money during the fasting month of Ramadhan. Before going any further, I should emphasize that...

Where Can We Play Outside?

Jakarta is not the most inviting place to play outside with children due to traffic, pollution and omnipresent smoking. It is just not easy. How far away those moments...

Motley Crue - Jakarta

Scams In The City: Fake Concert Tickets, Please.

Jakarta is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international music acts. And for every big concert, scammers are ready to swindle money from unwary fans,...

Revitalization of Jakarta: Turning Problem into Opportunity

Revitalization of Jakarta: Turning Problem into Opportunity

Jakarta is growing and changing rapidly. The capital city is running out of space, public infrastructure is being tested to its limits, and environmental conditions are...


Feasting With Panthers

An Englishman living in Jakarta, never a fan of intimate female companionship, made the mistake of accepting an offer from a pimp to introduce him to friendly, young...






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