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Parlez Vous Bahasa

Parlez Vous Bahasa?

For most people, the Indonesian language is without doubt one of the easiest languages to learn. It has very simple grammatical structure, it has no tenses and it uses...


Using Advances in Medicine to Manage Scoliosis

SCOLIOSIS: When most patients are referred to us or they drop in to see us, they are usually informed that they either have scoliosis, or they are suspected of having...

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali is an amazing and inviting place to live, and also invest. For 15 years ++ property prices has continued to go up, and are most likely to continue to do so. For...

Phantom Pregnancies

Phantom Pregnancies

Getting married and having children are essential rites of passage in Indonesia. So great is the pressure to produce progeny, that couples unable to conceive children...

BuGils FC

BuGils FC Soccer Sixes

Inspired by the FC Knudde Sixes tournament that ceased to exist many years ago, the friendly family titled BuGils FC found that Jakarta had been without a yearly...

Jakarta Rental Property Market

Jakarta Rental Property Market

Indonesia continues to maintain the interest of international investors due to its large population and thus potentially large consumer market. Several very large...

Adapt - The Content Expat

Adapt – The Content Expat

The key quality necessary to become a content expat is having the ability and openness to adapt. As people, we have to adapt a little all the time; economics, children,...

2014 Indonesian Presidential Candidates

While we’re waiting for the legislative election results to come out, some presidential candidates have made announcements about their nominations. Technically...

Indonesian Expat Entrepreneur

Indonesian Expat Entrepreneur

As an expatriate in Indonesia you probably chose to live here for a job assignment, or an extended visit or retirement, preceded by one or more preliminary visits to...


The Gamelan Group: All Nationalities, Ages and Motives Welcome

As Pak Parno threads his way through the gamelan, he claps his hands to guide the tempo and calls out to beginners who have lost their place in the music. Eyes focus on...

Help Make a Difference this Christmas

Help Make a Difference this Christmas

Iris worldwide Indonesia is using its dynamic and creative approach to raise awareness for a slum village in Jakarta. As Christmas fast approaches most readers’...

Lifesaving Initiatives Against Methanol

Lifesaving Initiatives Against Methanol

With Christmas and New Year almost here, plenty of people will be taking the opportunity to engage in some festive drinking. If you’re holidaying anywhere in the...

Welcome to Remarkable Indonesia

The banner headline of the very impressive TV advertising campaign that tries to hook potential investors to take the path to BKPM, the Indonesian National Investment...

Putu Andayani Prasuti Pradnyana

What to Wear and What Not to Wear in Indonesia

Indonesia has a rich fashion tradition, and since tailoring is quite affordable, many are tempted to go for tailor-made pieces. You’ve probably heard about batik and...






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