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Five Interesting Expats and Their Startups in Indonesia

After scouring the sea of startups at Balai Kartini earlier this month, here are five interesting techies in Indonesia, who also happen to be expats.


A Pledge to Fight Trump’s Racism and Bigotry

People who take on the responsibility of elected office are to be held accountable for their actions. I am not sitting on the sidelines anymore.

Ami and wife rgb

Ami Fahmi: Ojek Driver, Kaki Lima Vendor, Husband and Father

On the streets of dining and entertainment district Kemang, one can often see the familiar face of Ami Fahmi working two jobs a day to make an honest living. Originally...

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Bilang Boy of the River

11-year-old Bilang has a very old soul. He lives in a small, somewhat remote village on the edge of a pristine forest in North Kalimantan, not so far from the Malaysian...


Herry the Rujak Man

Rujak (fruit salad with a spicy sauce) may have been born in East Indonesia, but it makes its home in Jakarta. Some of the most colourful sights in the city can be found...


Sutiah the Tengger Farmer

Sutiah is a real mountain woman. She lives in a small village high up on the edge of the Tengger massif, a spectacular area including Mount Bromo and five other...


Erdin the Pemulung

It’s midday in Jakarta, and an unforgivingly hot sun is beating down on the pavement. The city’s voice is roaring. Cement trucks rumble by kicking up dust....

Pak Al

Pak Al Fauzi

Pak Al Fauzi is a very proud man, who lives on a small island off the coast of West Kalimantan called Karimata. Pak Al has a plan, which he revealed to me sitting in...


Mbak Noor and the Love of Her Life

Noor is married to her job. Every morning she sets up shop on her curb, behind the Ministry of Education in Jakarta, selling mind-numbingly sweet coffee and nasi uduk to...


Herman the Baduy Porter

I met Herman on a recent trip to the Kendang Mountains in the province of Banten, 167 km from Jakarta. Herman is a Baduy Dalam tribesman, who adheres to a traditional...


Edy and Rachmat, the 3-in-1 Coffee Guys

For Edy and his son Rachmat, coffee is a family affair. This father and son duo have been brewing coffee, dishing out mie ayam, and doling out the occasional roadside...


Pilius, the Dayak Kenyah Elder

Pilius was born in paradise, in a place called Long Saan, deep in the heart of North Borneo. I interviewed Pilius recently in Setulang, the village where he has lived...

Lutfi the Law Clerk

Lutfi the Law Clerk: Finding Peace at Ramadhan

  Sahur, the pre-dawn meal Muslims take before the first call to prayer during Ramadhan is tricky. Most Indonesians wake up before 4am, have a quick bite to eat...

Rut Dini

Rut Dini: the River Guardian

Dini is a passionate defender of the rivers of Borneo, which is not surprising, as her memories of growing up in a small village on the Kahayan River in Central...

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