Category: Comedy

Are you Mr Magoo, too?

As I slide at break-neck speed down the slippery slope of life towards the age of 50, I can’t help but notice that things are starting to change.  For instance, there...


Party Animal

One Friday night when I was 15 years old I persuaded my folks to let me go to my first party at a friend’s house. I promised on pain of death I would catch the last...

Fat Passenger

Blind, Bamboozled and Big

For me, travelling is as much about the journey as the destination. One of the things I enjoy most “en route” is watching other travellers. It amazes me how easily...

Alcohol Free Beer

The Battle of the Beer

It was Christmas Eve 1984, and, just like I did every year in those days, I was running around the shops at the last minute desperately trying to find gifts for my...

Sebastien Noel

Have Yourself a Grumpy Little Christmas

Guys, I am back to my grumpy old self. In the last article, “Solution to the Global Crisis”, I tried to be serious and it was basically a disaster. So let’s get...

I Hate Spas

Most people like massages and spa treatments, but I am not one of them. All those ‘SPA-aholics’, addicted ladies, always try to explain to me how good and healthy...

I love Indonesia

I was on my way to Jepara (the biggest jungle furniture centre in the world, around 2,500 different small, medium and big companies are based there) to visit a few...

Bule on moped

Disneyland Bali

I know, I know, the expatriates in Bali are such an easy target to laugh at, but still… As I’ve just come back from a too long “3 days” stay there, I have some...

To my Expatriate Friends who always Complain (Including me!)

It’s a bit of an international sport or hobby for expatriates to always complain about how things are better in their home country. As I come back from one month in...






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