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Government Puts a Bounty on Local Rat Heads

In what might closely resemble a future dystopia in the capital, Jakarta provincial government has asked locals to kill rats for a financial reward. It says, “Just...

Famous Party Beggar Benjamin Holst Bagged in Surabaya

Famous Beggar Benjamin Holst Arrested in Surabaya

World renowned beggar Benjamin Holst is a folk hero with an abnormally large leg. He has been able to travel the world and party with cash made by panhandling, but...

Indian taxi drivers are set to take over from Australian born drivers as the biggest share of the market. Dilbir Singh has been driving taxi's for the last six years in Melbourne. PICTURE TONY GOUGH

Almost the Last Laugh

Three British expats share a near-death experience on a trip to Kuala Lumpur… A few years ago I was hosting comedy shows in Kuala Lumpur with superb British...


Health and Safety Indonesian-Style

A few years ago my father told me that he would like to come and visit me in Jakarta. Wonderful, I thought, he had never been to Jakarta before, or even Asia, so this...

Old guitar

Coincidental Christmas

  As I write this I am sitting on a Cebu Pacific flight back from Manila, Philippines, having just attended my first Christmas celebration of 2015. It actually...

Soggy pizza

Marching Orders

An army marches on its stomach and so does an English teacher, as Daniel Pope found out. Despite my earning a living from editing, writing and teaching English, I do not...

Utility Bill

He Who Laughs Last

In the winter of 1990, I was working in real estate in London with my business partner, Steve Collins. One of our clients, a wealthy Indian named Jamal, entrusted us...


App Fap: App-Based Transport Solutions

New application-based transportation solutions are taking Indonesia’s jammed boulevards by storm. Last time out, I gnashed my teeth at the city’s various...

A Rose

Filling the Grill

In the early ‘90s, I was working in sales and marketing at the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel in Jakarta. Our fine dining room was called the Jayakarta Grill and for many...


A World of Tradition

I love traditions. Family traditions, national traditions, anything that is traditional in the true sense of the word. I guess it’s because they give me a sense of...

People who deny climate change

Proof that Not Refusing to Save the Planet Might Not be a Bad Idea

Most people will be very surprised to learn that the world’s population of polar bears has shrunk by almost 60 percent in the last 30 years. Studies carried out by the...


Catching a Flick

I like movies that are either funny or true, meaning I don’t generally see the point of letting precious minutes of my life tick by while I learn nothing and/or get no...


A Person, Another Person and a Third Person Walk into a Bar

Political correctness has become part of everyone’s lives over the last couple of decades. Everyone now needs to be very careful not to offend anyone by anything they... (11)

Fun With Weapons

Daniel Pope contemplates whether a foreigner could get away with murder in Indonesia.  My local hangout in Jakarta in the mid-1990s – a shabby streetside cafe where...

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