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A Centre of Strength for Divorced Women in Bali

Ni Komang Sariadi is the founder of Pusat Kegiatan Perempuan Women’s Centre (PKP) located just outside Ubud, Bali. PKP is a community where Balinese women can go for...

Asi Mbojo October 2016 by Grace Susetyo

Rebuilding Bima: An Expat’s Perspective on Resilience in the Face of Disaster

After encountering generous and passionate locals in the historical royal city of Bima in October of 2016, Grace Susetyo was shocked to learn about the flash floods that...


Has Indonesia Embraced a Culture of Charity?

Across the globe, countries are promoting the act of giving to charity for all kinds of purposes. But where exactly does Indonesia stand among other generous nations...


Opinion: Saving Indonesia from the Mistakes of the West

Indonesia is a place that travellers speak of as a paradise. Advertisements for leisure travel depict pristine white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in cool tropical...

Guests are treated to an aerial view of the lagoon on the short self-guided trail to the island’s south beach.

A Resort to Protect Biodiversity in Indonesia

When Andrew Miner discovered Batbitim Island in 2003, he found a remote shark finning camp in a vast sea devastated by dynamite and cyanide fishing. Where once the blood...


Is Indonesia Experiencing A Diversity Crisis?

A diversity crisis might be heading to Indonesia as many locals begin to plead for the reestablishment of racial and religious tolerance in the country. But recent...


The Irony Behind Indonesian Literature

Has Indonesian literature really been left behind? Perhaps a more important question: Is it too late to catch up?

Smoke from smouldering fires obscures an excavator digging a peatland drainage canal in the PT Rokan Adiraya Plantation oil palm plantation near Sontang village in Rokan Hulu, Riau, Sumatra.

What Has 2016 Meant for Indonesia and Climate Change?

2015 was a devastating year for global greenhouse gas emissions, with Indonesia ranking fourth on the list of top emitters after vast forest fires released 1.62 billion...


A Mental Exercise: Surviving Jakarta as a Megacity

With 9.6 million residents, Jakarta is becoming a megacity that in a way is hard to pin down. Seven speakers gathered to discuss new ways of thinking about Jakarta as...


Opinion: To Protect Indonesia’s Remaining Forests, Indigenous People Need a Seat at the Table

Imagine the island of Java in the 1850s. Its lowlands and valleys sparsely populated, dotted with villages, sawah and stands of fruit-bearing trees, its hills and...


New Fast Food Joint to Promote Healthy Living in Indonesia

Asia’s leading salad bar chain SaladStop opens its first outlet in Indonesia. Does this mean that the archipelago is ready for a healthy fast food revolution? It was...


Nobel Price Winners to Inspire Change in Indonesia

Indonesia will welcome Nobel Prize winners for the first time next year in a bid to promote global peace. Here is what locals should expect from the event series. A...


Jakarta’s Fourth Annual City-Wide Clean-up Invites Everyone to Volunteer

The city of DKI Jakarta produces a staggering 6,700 tonnes of trash a day; the equivalent of one colossal Borobudur Temple made of trash in just two days. It is common...


Local Film Crew Spreads Environmental Awareness

Some of us might wonder if documentaries can actually change the world. I recently came across the film production unit Indonesia Nature Film Society, which shows how...

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